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03.03.2013: CCIPR Returns to Gettysburg

CCIPR was invited back to Gettysburg this past February for three very interesting investigations.

The first night, CCIPR was invited to investigate The Soldiers Museum - also know as the Orphanage. The team conducted several EVP sessions - including sweep radio - while documenting the entire investigation from many video sources.

One highlight of this night was an unmanned video camera on the vacant first floor was "knocked to the ground". At the same time, video cameras were rolling in the basement where all CCIPR team members were located as well as their special guest and host for the night, Cheryl Brown. CCIPR's basement cameras caught their reactions to the loud noise and followed them upstairs when they discovered the cause of the commotion...

CCIPR found the camera's mini-tripod sustained damage, but the camera remained in good working order (thanks SONY!). When they reviewed the footage of the "fallen" video camera, they could see it moved slowly for about 20 seconds before it tumbled to the floor. CCIPR is still in the process of reviewing this evidence and have not come up with a definitive explanation as to how this may have occurred. Hopefully they will have more on this and also the video for you to tell us what you think might have happened.

CCIPR's second night; they were privileged to investigate both the Jennie Wade House and the The Hall Of Presidents. The first investigation at the Jennie Wade House, a standout, personal experience happened to one of the group members who claimed to have been grabbed softly around the wrist after the team just completed an EVP session. Taking a break in the basement, the CCIPR team member stood up and studied a painting depicting the night Jennie Wade had been shot, hanging on the opposite wall from him. He stood close to the opposite wall when he felt someone grab him. Thinking that it was another team member behind him, he was startled to realize no one he could see was touching him has he turned around to see who it was.**

Later that night, the team headed over to The Hall Of Presidents to conduct more research by initiating EVP and sweep radio sessions. Although no personal experiences occurred, CCIPR is presently reviewing all audio files, video and photographs in hopes of being able to substantiate claims of the paranormal at this museum.

Special thanks to Cheryl Brown, Dwayne Pope, Bob Michels and Joe & Karen Svehla. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

** It is important to say that this particular member of CCIPR is considered skeptical. In the past he has theorized that people may be experiencing muscle spasms when making claims of being touched or grabbed. Never been touched before, this experience made him rethink his theory - stating in no way could this be dismissed as a "natural medical event" such as a muscle spasm. To this day, he considers it one of the most important events during his years of paranormal research.


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