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03.23.2013: Carol Starr attends Phenomenology 105, Gettysburg PA
written by Carol Starr

I arrived in Gettysburg Saturday morning to attend Phenomenology 105. I haven't been to a paranormal conference in Gettysburg for several years and I was very excited to attend this year and meet up old friends and certainly make new ones.

I spent the early morning on the battlefield. It was a beautiful day and I visited Little Round Top, Devils Den, Triangular Field, The Wheatfield, Culp's Hill, Spangler Spring, and Pickett's Charge. I got to meet a great couple that were hiking through the woods at the 2nd Maryland Monument. There is an area there that is the site of a confederate mass grave. We chatted and did and ITC/EVP session. We did get some names and also a chilling breeze moving through the area at the same time. 

The battlefield is so picturesque and looks as though you have stepped back in time to 1863. This is certainly going to be an incredible 150th anniversary!

After my visit to the battlefield, I was ready to attend the conference! When I arrived at the hotel, I made my way to registration and collected my speaker schedule for the day. The 1st speaker scheduled was Bill Bean, author of several books including "Dark Force". I was excited to hear him speak since I had seen the episode on the TV show "A Haunting" based on his childhood experiences.

Bill stepped up to the podium and introduced the episode from "A Haunting" we were about to watch. I had seen this episode a few times, but it really felt different watching it along side the person this happened to. At the end of the episode, Bill walked up to the front of the room and admitted that he usually doesn't stay in the room while it is playing, but this time he stayed in the back and watched it with all of us. I can only imagine the emotions it awoke in him.

If you've never seen the "A Haunting" episode, please check it out. It is an incredible story of family, tragedy, survival, and faith. I was so impressed by his story and his strength and how he helps so many people today.

Bill's website is www.billbean.net

After the great lecture, I headed to the vendor room! I just didn't know where to begin, there were so many tables with equipment, videos, books, and celebrities! I immediately spotted Josh Gates, who stars in "Destination Truth", and produces the new show "Stranded". I walked up to his table and before I could open my mouth, he looked up and said "Hi, I'm Josh"! We chatted a few minutes and he autographed a photo for me and then asked if I would like a photo with him…I guess he can read minds too!! He is really a nice person to meet and chat with. 

Ok, I've now pried myself away from Josh. At the next table were the Zaffis group from "Haunted Collector". I met John's son, Chris, then John himself. They had a great assortment of items available on their tables.

I then proceeded further down the aisle and met Dustin Pari from "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International". He was so pleasant to chat with! Next to Dustin was Britt Griffith, also from "Ghost Hunters". He's a great person and I loved chatting with him about Gettysburg. I continued making my rounds and saw some familiar faces to me….Lorraine Irby from Ft. Mifflin (near Philadelphia) and "Spooky" from Gettysburg. 

There were tables with equipment, books, and even travel destinations. As I was heading out, I stopped by Bill Bean's table to purchase his book, "Dark Force" and was able to chat with him for a few minutes. He impressed me so much with is words and courage after the turmoil he went through growing up. He is truly and inspiration.

I left to have a bite to eat and then returned to take a 2nd tour through the tables. I stopped by to chat with Jeff Belanger, who I had met several times in the past and had spoken to prior to my filming the "Ghost Adventures" Gettysburg episode. I love his enthusiasm! I also met Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio and Chris Fleming, who had some great equipment and apparel available! I ventured back in the back area of the room to meet the group from "Scared", which included Brian Cano, who is currently appearing in the "Haunted Collector". They had a fun thing set up. I had to choose a treasure chest that was on the table, after I chose one, he opened it to reveal a skeleton and sand. I had to dig down into the sand and retrieve an object and read the scroll that was attached to it. My object was an ancient Japanese medallion that was cursed and had to be bound. I then had to place the object in a bag along with a pinch of sea salt, and seal it up! It was a lot of fun.

I also picked up a video that was featured on the tv show "Scared". It was about an investigation they did at The Phoenixville Library! I was so excited to watch that since my former group investigated there several times. During the video, they showed the director of the library, John Kelley, talking about some amazing evidence that had be captured there regarding a book coming out of a shelf and being tossed from above the stacks 3 aisles over! This was amazing since it was my group and specifically myself and another investigator that it happened to! 

Well, my day was coming to a close. I enjoyed my trip to Gettysburg and to Phenomenology! I am looking forward to next year's conference!

Carol Starr




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