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04.19.2013: EVP Supported By Research Yields Incredible Outcome

CCIPR frequently captures EVPs of all classes during our investigations like any other paranormal group - but we believe many EVPs warrant further research and perform the necessary extra steps to connect these messages to the world we know and live in. More incredible, is when an innocuous statement from what many believe is from "beyond the grave" aligns with historic documentation and objects of an earthly origin. CCIPR has experienced this on more than one occasion and we would like to share with the rest of you and the paranormal research community, one such event (with more examples to follow). A little research goes a long way as told by one of CCIPR's lead investigators, Carol Starr...


A Message From Beyond The Grave
By Carol Starr

It was a beautiful day in Gettysburg and I was with members of my paranormal group exploring the battlefield.  I had recently stayed at a wonderful B&B located on the battlefield and thought we could stop by and introduce ourselves to the owner.  We pulled into the parking area and made our way around to the entrance.  We were greeted by the owner, who is so gracious.  After introductions were made, she told us to explore the property all we wanted to.  After going through the house and all the incredible rooms, we walked out to the property. This property was the site of intense battles in July 1863.  When I stayed there, I had experienced many things during the night out in the field surrounding the house and barn.

We found a trail leading back into the wooded area and followed that around the property until we came up to the fenced in area where the horses greeted us.  I walked on further with one of the members, Bob, who had his audio recorder running.  He was asking questions and would stop and listen for anything unusual to come across.  We walked back to the house and thanked our hostess and left the property. 

As we were reviewing the audio tape, we heard a voice answer one of our questions.  Bob had asked if anyone was there and if they had a message for us.  We heard a young male voice coming from further away.  It seemed to be shouting.  After playing it a couple of times, we determined that they said “Browning” “Six”.  It was amazing since we were alone out in the trail and barn area and the B&B sits pretty far off the road, so we immediately eliminated someone nearby yelling. 

After we returned home, I was still thinking over what we had captured out there on the battlefield.  I decided to do some research to see if I could find out any additional information.  When I thought about the 2 words that were captured, I immediately thought that “Browning” referred to a rifle.  I went online and entered “Browning” and Gettysburg to see what I could come up with.  To say that I was surprised was an understatement.  An article came up regarding a Private Elias Browning, 18 years old, assigned to Michigan’s 24th Infantry’s Iron Brigade.  He was killed on July 1, 1863 and is buried in Gettysburg’s National Cemetery in grave # 6.  I literally had chills reading this information.  Could this be a fallen soldier trying to send us a message? 

On my first trip back to Gettysburg, I visited the National Cemetery and found the Michigan plot.  I walked to grave # 6 and looked down to see the words written on the old scarred headstone – E. B. Browning.   I knelt down and said “I found you”, “I got your message”, “You have not been forgotten’’.  I said a brief prayer and walked away hoping that he has found peace.


To listen to this EVP, visit our EVP Gallery by clicking here (EVP: "Browning. Six!")



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