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10.03.2013: Carol Starr attends Paoli Battlefield Investigation
written by Carol Starr

I took part in a recent investigation of Paoli Battlefield located in Malvern, Pa.  This was my first visit to the battlefield and I was, I hate to admit, not very familiar with the history that took place there.  For a description of what happened there in September of 1777, please check out the website http://paolibattlefield.org/history.

Once everyone arrived, we split up into 3 groups which included personnel from the battlefield.  There were 5 stops throughout the battlefield to visit, which included the cemetery with a mass grave holding 52 Patriots.  As we gathered around the stone wall surrounding the cemetery, dusk started to fall and the bats started to take flight.  Each time they swooped around us, they seemed to get closer and closer. What a perfect night to enjoy an investigation where truly men were slaughtered.  I started to circle the stone wall surrounding the grave and was using my EMF detector to see if there were any spikes in the electromagnetic field.  I stopped near the entrance to the cemetery and my meter spiked to 1.1 briefly.  The rest of the trip around the stone wall was pretty quiet with no additional movement by the meter.  I rejoined the group and they had started a dousing rod session.  One person in the group was taking notes, plus looking up names that we would get through our EVP/ITC sessions.  After our session ended, I was asked how I felt about this area and my only words were “Peaceful”. 

The next 4 stops were all in the woods.  At each stop, we would do regular EVP along with using the Ghost Box and taking photos.  We heard strange noises coming from the darkness in the woods.  At one time, we heard a huge crash somewhere back in the darkness.  At all the stops, we were getting many names that were matched up to the names of soldiers found in the book we were carrying.  Some of the impressions we had at each stop was that we were all being watched and that whoever was out there was curious as to who we were and possibly too frightened to come closer to us thinking they would give away their hiding places and be caught by the British.

We ended the evening back at our base camp with stories of our experiences still fresh in our minds.  I’m so glad that I was able to visit the site and to learn more about the Battle of Paoli. 

Please visit the website and learn more about this historic battlefield.


Carol Starr




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