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The mission of CCIPR is to conduct methodical and historical research of paranormal activity in attempt to validate and prove paranormal existence. We strive to increase public awareness of paranormal research. CCIPR aims to provide a variety of quality services to our clients in the areas of education, investigation, research publication. Through our appreciation of history, methodology, the arts and economic development, we support community revitalization and historical preservation.


CCIPR’s vision is to be widely recognized as a professional paranormal organization, collecting and presenting evidence that brings awareness to and understanding of the nature of paranormal phenomena.


CCIPR respects our client’s right to privacy. We will not share or publish any details of the case that will identify our clients without permission. Copies of evidence, reports and other information collected will be provided to the client upon request. All individuals associated with CCIPR are bound by a confidentiality agreement and failure to comply will include appropriate disciplinary action. This confidentiality agreement is also designed to protect the organization.


If requested, CCIPR and clients sign a service contract, including a No Fault Waiver Form, releasing both parties from obligation in the event that someone is injured. This is for everyone’s safety – clients, CCIPR members and the organization. In the event of property damage done by CCIPR, the organization will pay for repairs.

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