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CCIPR cases are accepted or rejected based on information provided through each stage. Through case analysis, the group will recommend proceeding with a formal investigation or ceasing a case. The group founders are responsible for final determination of status of all cases.


Format for comprehensive case report includes a first page about the group’s operation. Then the sections are as follows:

First Contact – Initial Report of Activity

Phone Interview – Questions asked, Answers given; Clarification of Expectations

In Person Interview – Completing Service Contract; Questions Asked, Answers Given

Preliminary Investigation – Tour of Property and Identifying Active Areas; Floor Plans

Investigation Plan Meeting – Investigative Plan is shared with Team

Investigation Equipment – Equipment Used for Investigation

Data/Calculations – Evidence Collected, Results and Recommendations

Location Investigation – Objective Report of Experiences and Evidence Collected

Case Research – Research and Collection of Location or People History

Results Meeting – Report of Meeting; Summary Explanation of Collected Evidence



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