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"As Manager of Ghostly Images of Gettysburg Ghost Tours and Historical Interpreter for the Museum, it was my responsibility to work with their team by arranging their visit. The investigation that they (CCIPR) conducted was, by far, the most thorough and professional that had been done at that truly haunted house.

What was even more impressive for me was the time and effort that they put into their presentation of the evidence they collected. They presented us with every minute detail including audio, video, still photograph, personal experiences, etc., all on computer disc.

They (CCIPR) have proven to be not only true professionals in the supernatural field, but also good friends. With the attention to every detail and the work effort they have shown, there is no doubt in my mind that the manuscript that they are presenting to the public will be a quality work worthy of their consideration."

Joe Svehla
Manager, Ghostly Images Tours
and Author of the Ghostly Images Catch the Spirits series









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